“Sweet has managed, using a few key historical leaders, to uncover critical leadership principles that have great relevance for contemporary business leaders.  These principles are equally relevant for those in sports, public policy, and contemporary political life, as well as those engaged in mentoring and coaching.  In his writing are echoes of Daniel Kahneman, Clayton Christensen, and Simon Sinek.  These echoes are woven together beautifully, reminding us that the study of history remains richly rewarding.”

Dr. Philip B. Breitfeld, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, Champions Oncology


“Sweet’s book is wonderful and should be savored.  He offers countless insights and observations not only on his subjects, but also on life and human conduct in general.  It boggles the mind how he acquired so much knowledge and wisdom in the space of a single life, much less one still only half lived.  I think anyone aspiring to become CEO would profit greatly from reading his book.”

Needham B. Whitfield, Former Chairman and CEO, Brenco, Incorporated


“Sweet’s book is excellent.  He makes a strong argument for the selfishness of human nature and its origins in our evolutionary past.  Caesar, Richelieu, Napoleon, Talleyrand, and Gates rose to preeminence through a mixture of genius, hard work, and ruthlessness, and Sweet shows us what we can all learn from their examples.”

Timothy W.J. O'Brien, Partner and General Counsel, Pine River Capital Management


“I have become an avid reader of The Principles of Success.  I have found it to be sublime, erudite, and, above all, inspirational.  It certainly stands out among the crowd for its level of depth, scholarship, and profundity.  While Sweet’s work may require more of the reader intellectually than other works of a similar class, such as Robert Greene’s, its lessons stay and take root (for instance, his incisive explication of Caesar’s Gallic campaign is a wonderful illustration of ‘do or die’).”

Clayton W. Chan, Esq.


"The breadth of Sweet's references in history and literature is staggering."

Rebecca Smithson, Philanthropist


The Principles of Success “is fascinating.  It has much sage advice and is immensely erudite and fluid.  I have never seen writing so good.”

A Reviewer with Stanford University Press